Pedestrian Green Traffic Signal

Pedestrian Green Traffic Signal

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 Pedestrian Green Traffic Signal --- Walk Man

This Pedestrian Traffic Signal are mounted on separate pole generally but also can be mounted below the 3 aspect traffic signal assembly.

Pedestrian are allowed to cross the road when Pedestrian Green Traffic Signal glows .

This Signals are mainly used at big Traffic Junctions where pedestrian movement is more. This pedestrian Traffic Signals assures the safety while crossing road safely.

Detailed Product Description
Our pedestrian traffic signals are outstanding with wider visual angle. This  pedestrian traffic signal haves equal light intensity and long lifespan. It is very easy to install this traffic signals. We  utilizes quality LEDs by strict aging text    


  • LED Pedestrian Traffic Signal 
  • Excellent appearance & visiblity 
  • High efficiency and high brightness Led light 
  • Long life
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Compatible with standard signal heads
  • Available with commonly used symbols
  • Optimal Visibility
  • Even distribution of luminosity
  • High intensity light
  • High Brightness: LED light applied, brighter in color effect
  • Low Power Consumption: 8 to 10 Watts
  • Long Life Time: High up to 80000 hours
  • Brightness Adjustment: Automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment
  • Currency Control: Automatically adjust the currency
  • Traffic Signal Light: Diameter For Single Light: 300MM & 200 mm
  • Product Size: 300mm Dia , 200mm Dia
  • No Of Led Used: 176 -- 300 mm , 95--- 200 mm
  • Illumination Intensity: Green
  • Input Voltage: AC 230V , 12 v DC/ 24 v DC
  • Power Consumption: 8 to 12 Watts
  • Working Temperature: -40°C-- 80°C
  • Working Hours: 100000
  • Weight/Piece Of Signal Light: 3 KG
  • Strict Test: All products have been burned for testing for long hours, ensuring the stability
  • Indication Modes:  Stop man: Pedestrian red , Walk man:- Pedestrian green    

 NOTE: Given Price for 200 mm Signals Only